'Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands.
Protect them as they protect us.
Bless them and their families
for the selfless acts they perform for us
in our time of need.
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Hyacinth Macaw / Premium Parrots


I have bred Hyacinth macaws and most other large Macaws, African Greys, and other parrots for longer than I care to mention. [30 years]. Hyacinths Macaws are my speciality and due to my health issues and doctors orders Hyacinth Macaws are the only parrots that I breed now.   All babies are family raised in our closed home-aviary to insure, sweet, healthy, lifelong companions.  Health guaranteed and plenty of references.  I can ship safely in any weather.  Contact me to find out how.  Please check my "Parrots For Sale" page for availability.  I am now located near Atlanta, Georgia 

I suppose its time to let this info out...... Tho, I am a purist and was never much into hybred parrots I have the pleasure of being the first macaw breeder to develope the Rubalina Macaw hybred quite some years ago.  When the first baby was hatched I had to come up with a good name for this new hybred macaw.  I'm quite happy to say that the name stuck and many Macaw fanciers today know what a Rubalina Macaw actually is.  Happy Happy Happy!!!

You can go to my facebook page to see photos of some of my Rubalina Macaws I've produced.  You will surely notice the variety of colors and the difference between each individual Rubalina Macaw.  You never know what the coloring of each baby will be.  Every Rubalina Macaw I have produced has had different coloring.

SORRY, I DO NOT HAVE ANY HYACINTH MACAW BABIES  [or any type of babies] FOR SALE AT THIS TIME, OR THE NEAR FUTURE.   WHEN I DO HAVE ANY AVAILABLE I WILL POST THAT INFO HERE and you may contact me then.  HOWEVER... I do have a young male Hyacinth Macaw that is really a sweetheart that I need to find a home for.  I was keeping him for myself but my personal circumstances have changed and I need to find him a good home soon.  You can go to my "For Sale" page for more info on this sweet bird.  Contact me if you are interested.  Thanks.  

If you have any questions or are interested in buying a parrot from me PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER WHEN YOU CONTACT ME. I will be glad to call you. For security and other reasons I only give out information over the phone or in person. I'd love to chat with you.

Please don't ask.

Premium Parrots is now on Facebook!! Click here to see all my photos.  Remember to come back to read and sign my guestbook.  See you there!!


Premium Parrots
This site is full of answers to all of your  parrot questions.   Check it out and take a moment to please sign my guest book.  There is a wonderfull video waiting for you there.  I hope you enjoy my website and maybe gain more knowledge to benefit your parrot.  Come back and visit us often.  I will be adding alot of information and photos. 

I thank Dr.Peter Sakas, DVM, MS  for his major contribution to my website and the many years of being a true friend. Smile



Keates Before His Operation / Premium Parrots

 Read about Keates the severly abused rescued Blue and Gold Macaw.  Poor Keates has finally been rescued and is currently being treated for both wings broken in two places each. Please click on the photo of Keates with his owner Kathy to the left for more info.  We need your help, thank you.   sorry this link is currently not available

UPDATE!!!   Keates has pulled thru and is looking and feeling GREAT!!!  Go to the "I promise to take the commitment of owning this parrot seriously " page to view photos of Keates.  Thank you to all the people that have contributed to Keates Fund.  The Keates Fund is an ongoing project to collect donations to help cover vet costs for badly abused birds.  100% of all donations go to helping these birds.  Contact me for further info.  Thanks.

You may go to Premium Parrots Guestbook to see Dr. Sakas final report on Keates



If you have a parrot that you can no longer care for,  

 what ever the reason, please contact me.

If for some reason I cannot take in your parrot personally  

I have a large NATIONWIDE network of dedicated colleagues

already in place that will be glad to give your parrot a loving home.

 No matter where you are located

I may be able to help.  

Don't waste your time contacting me to "rescue" [give you] a Hyacinth Macaw 



Rare Charcoal Macaw / Premium Parrots

   Very Rare                                                                     Rare                                            

   Charcoal Macaw                                                           Major           

   Hybred baby                                                                  Mitchell Cockatoos










Major Mitchell Cockatoo Pair / Premium Parrots
Pink Timneh Hen
Baby Camelot / Premium Parrots
Pink Timneh Hen / Premium Parrots
Hyacinth Macaws / Premium Parrots




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Scarlet Macaws / Premium Parrots
October 6, 2015
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