“The Rescue’s Song”

 Will you take me home with you?
I can’t promise I’ll be good.
No one taught me how to act,
Or behave as a parrot “should”.
My first owner didn’t treat me right
He said I was “bad”.
He never forgave me for that first bite.
After that, he was always mad.

He shoved me back into my cage,
And I started to scream.
Then he hit me in rage
And my life became a bad dream.
So, now I scream and yes, I bite.
I’m angry and misunderstood.
But, please take me home with you,
Love me and I’ll be good.

Please let me come home with you
And spend some time with me.
I can be sweet again, I know.
Take me home, and you’ll see.
My next owner swore at me,
I learned to say things back.

So now my words are crude and rude.
Please cut me some slack.
If you let me come home with you
I’ll learn some nicer speech.
If you are kind and give me the time
I’ll change my vulgar screech.
I’m really just a baby,
And so misunderstood.
Please let me come home with you,
I can learn to be good.

My next owner just HAD to have me.
She thought I was “way to cool”.
But now she doesn’t have time for me.
She’s busy with boys and school.

That’s why I began to pluck,

I’m not pretty anymore.
I won’t be much of an ornament,
If that’s what you’re looking for.
I may never grow new feathers,
My chest may always be bare.
But my soul, I know, could heal itself
If I only had someone who cares.

My last owner died and left me,
She said she made plans.
But she never followed through on them,
And I’ve fallen into bad hands.
Please take me home and treat me right.
And let our friendship grow.
Please let me come home with you,
This time it will work, I know.

Please overlook my failings,
Please end this pain and strife.
Please, please take me home with you,
And I’ll be your friend for life 

[Poem used with the permission of Judith R. Archer copywrited 1999]


    "Ghost Flock"

Last night I was sleeping when I woke with a start
To the sounds of macaws…be still my heart!

I ran to the bird room and my flock was all there.
Only Hawkeye awoke and gave me a stare.

Could I have dreamt this? It sounded so real
No, I heard them again…one gave a loud squeal.

I ran to the window and looked into the glen
Macaws in the moonlight! I wasn’t dreaming then.

A flock of macaws was outside in the night.
And I recognized some as the group took flight.

Brandi and Kismet took the lead
Milo trailed behind, but gathered speed!

Ara’s baby was there…and Tequila’s too
My eyes filled with tears…I knew this crew.

The ghost flock soared against the full moon
The night was shattered by their loud macaw “tune”

“We fly once again, and we feel no more pain…
We flash in the sunlight, we play in the rain….

We watch over our people and we feel their sorrow….
But we will meet again…if not today…tomorrow….

We live in a world where nothing goes wrong….
We are the ghost flock and this is our song…”

” Others join our flock and here they find peace….
And sometimes one leaves but our worries cease….

We know what has happened, a bridge has been crossed….
The one joy we missed no longer is lost.”

“A macaw and its owner are together at last…
And the sorrows of earth are a thing of the past”

[Poem used with the permission of Judith R. Archer copywrited 1997]






If you have a parrot that you can no longer care for,  

 what ever the reason, please contact me.

If for some reason I personally cannot take in your parrot 

I have a fairly large NATIONWIDE network of dedicated colleagues

that will be glad to give your parrot a loving home.

 No matter where you are located

I may be able to help.


So far I have taken in 18 Hyacinths Macaws

[and many other parrots] that could no longer be cared for by their owners. 

Any parrots that I take in will live out their lives enjoying

quality food, clean water, any necessary vet services,

plenty of room and mental stimulation,

and whatever it takes to keep them healthy and happy.

All Hyacinths Macaws [in any condition or age] that I accept,

will remain in my care as long as possible.

 Please do not ask me to give you an old Hyacinth Macaw,

  or any other parrot.  I have my dedicated network already. 



 Keates After His Operation / Premium Parrots

This is a very happy Keates with his new mom Kathy. 

Keates had 2 broken bones in EACH wing plus several other health problems. 

One of the broken bones was protruding thru the skin for quite a number of years and the area was badly infected.

Notice that his left wing eventually had to be removed.

This photo was taken several months after the  8 month ordeal to fix and heal his wings.

Keates is a very happy, healthy, well adjusted, old soul now.

You can learn more about Keates sad history, his several operations by Dr. Pete Sakas, his recovery, and VERY happy life now.  Click on the photo below, taken during his recovery.  LINK IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE

Please help the critters that can't help themselves..........

 Keates After His Operation / Premium Parrots
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