A baby Rubalina Macaw.  The mother is a Ruby macaw and the father is a Catalina Macaw.

 Congratulations!!!  I'm glad you found your way here.  Please read your way down to the bottom of the page and click on the video.   You won't believe your eyes.
 Baby Rubalina / Premium Parrots
 Scroll down to the bottom of the page to read Dr. Sakas final report in regards to Keates.
Love your parrots. Great website. Theres more parrot info here than all other sites I've been to. Thank you for your efforts in helping the parrots.
Stephanie / Iggy
June 22,2020
Santa Fe NM

Thank you for The friendship request it’s OK not to breed because there’s a lot of homes that just eventually get rid of the birds For a lot of unknown reasons and I will continue to follow your Facebook since I’m new to it I do have a Milligold Macaw His name is radical
Kathy Kennedy
January 3,2020
Bristol TN

Love you!!
dy fuller
December 10,2019
alex.,va 22309

Beautiful site! A lot of hard work here. An amazing portfolio of beautiful birds. The hyacinths are phenomenal !!!!!
Jeff Kesler
March 28,2019

I just want you to know that I wish you the very best. I know you found Issac a great home or you never would have let him go. You and Issac remain in my thoughts and prayers. Patty
Patty Daugherty
April 23,2018

LOVE your website. Thanks
Miss Diane-Catherine Wood
January 8,2018
Yorkshire England

Wow what a great parrot site!! Thank you so much for all the work you put into it to help the parrots. I've heard great things about you.
November 30,2017

Wonderful website. thank you for all the great info. Sally
November 27,2017

Hi Glenn, its been a while since we last spoke. I hope you are doing well. Charo is doing great. She is so sweet and she has become a huge parrot. Love ya
sewamo solo
April 26,2017

Hi Glenn & Rose! I hope you both are doing well. Chico is doing great. He is such a loving bird and quite the character. Thanks you for raising such a nice Hyacinth Macaw. Stay well, Love you both. Jessica
February 5,2017

Great job! Love birds too!
Thomas Mallow
September 14,2016
Baltimore Md

Thank you very much for this great site. I learned a lot about parrots. Stay well.
August 30,2016

Best parrot site on the web. Thanks for all the great info.
August 16,2016

I love your birds!
June 24,2016

Wonderful website with all the info you need to buy and keep a parrot properly. No wonder so many bird keepers visit your site. Great job and thank you so much
June 13,2016

I've heard a lot about you and its all good. Great website full of great info. Thank you for putting all this info together!
May 1,2016

Hi there, we received a baby hyacinth macaw from you a few years back and wanted to let you know that he is the greatest bird. You can tell he is so sweet and he loves us so much as we do him. thank you very much my friend. he is a wonderfull addition to our family.
septi pratiwi
February 26,2016

great website very informative and helpful!
Nickolas DelPurgatorio
February 24,2016
ozone park ,New york

I LOVE this website!!
fer feterr
January 1,2016

Great website. Thanks so much for all the info and in one place.
December 11,2015

very useful and helpful information for me
October 17,2015

I have read so much about you and needed some advice about breeding facilities. I own my own birds. Thanks in advance.
Afifa Ahmed
October 8,2015
Mississauga, Canada

I have read so much about you and needed some advice about breeding facilities. I own my own birds. Thanks in advance.
Afifa Ahmed
October 8,2015
Mississauga, Canada

so excited to get more info abut the macaws
angeles lugo
September 29,2015
addison il

Saturday, 19th. September 2015 Hello, this is a great parrot site. I love the photos on your Facebook page. Great job. Thanks! alan nikdel
Alan Nikdel
September 19,2015

Wow- God bless you folks. The story of the Blue and Gold with broken wings made me cry. We have two of them- one a rescue bird that turned plucker. One rescue cockatoo, and a caique. They are a flock for sure. The caique is the sentry lookout. The male B& gold has flown off about 20 times in New Meadows- always freaks me out cuz we have Red Tail Hawks, Peregrines, etc up there. Last time took me over 6 hours to find him. Finally just went out into the middle of our property and cried out his name as loud as I could and then made a loud Macaw call. He responded! About another hour and I finally got him back. He is about 7 years old but I think I could probably teach him to recall (after I fully retire). I think he likes to fly. I love your video- the birds are all beautiful but so are the people- you can see the joy in their faces that the birds bring them. God bless you people- there are too many people who buy birds not knowing what they are getting in to. Thank you Thank you for what you did for Keates- I am sure that took an Immense amount of time, money and love. And yes- birds (and dogs) do have a soul. John Sonntag
John Reed Sonntag
August 12,2015
New Meadows, Idaho and Boise, Idaho

I do really appreciate and enjoy all of your work specially your website...!
July 2,2015
Maimi FL

my parrott co co is an african grey i am very concerned with her because her poo started to be very watery and she has gone very quiet sleeps a lot she is still eating and drinks lot of water i have read your ailements and found iy very interesting and informative many thanks linda
linda sandalls
July 2,2015
oxford england

Great website. All the info that you need plus more. Nice job you did for Keates. Thank you and keep well.
June 26,2015

Hello! So I'v wanted a macaw since I was 6yo (doesn't matter what kind) I'v been looking around for breeds to see what's out there. I plan on getting one in the next few years and will keep you in mind!
Courtney Elizabeth Reardon
June 1,2015
Big Lake MN

We bought a Hyacinth Macaw from you several years ago and he is just the best bird we could have ever imagined. He is the sweetest thing!! Thanks so much to all the time and effort you put into your babies. I hope you are doing well. June & Family
May 22,2015

Great Parrot site! Thanks for all the info. Hope you are feeling better. Ally
Ally winenlose
February 15,2015

i want to thank you so much for all the info your website provides to the parrot owners. Claire
January 16,2015

Hi Glenn, I hope you are doing well. We are so happy with the baby we recieved from you. She is so sweet and smart. Thanks for doing such a great job raising her for us. Love, Carol & family
Carol Anderson
December 13,2014

I just love your parrots and this website is the best I've checked out. So much info and no hype. Thanks you so much.
Tracy Adams
December 13,2014

Nice website very informative!
Jim hall
December 7,2014
Fond du Lac Wi.

Just found this w/site and FB page and they're fabulous!
Cinde Fisher
August 23,2014
Honolulu, Hawaii

Just found this website and look forward to all the articles.. I currently have an African Grey and a Hahn macaw that are amazing.
August 13,2014
Port Orange Florida

I stumbled across your page when I became curious about macaws due to watching Rio 2 with hubby (Shh...don't tell the kids). My family had an African Gray when I was younger. He unfortunately passed away due to a health issue. These are such beautiful birds!!
Heather Bladen
July 18,2014
Springfield, IL

Great website! This site has more useful info than any site I've visited. Thank you for putting all this info in one place. Its easy to read and understand.
Tom and Ellie
June 20,2014
New York

Hi, I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the baby Hyacinth macaw that we received from you a couple of years ago. She is so sweet I just can't imagine living without her. I'm so sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. I hope you recover quickly, we need more breeders like you. Thanks so much for your devotion to Gods critters. Bless you. Joe
May 30,2014
United States

Hi Glenn, I know you haven't been feeling well lately and my prayers are with you. Keep up the great work and stay safe and healthy. Good luck on your move. Thank you for all you do for the Parrots. Alex
February 3,2014

I simply love this website. I can't imagine how much time and effort you put into collecting all this information. Thanks so much.
mrs blessing
February 3,2014

What a beatiful and blessed site! Keates is a special bird. Thank you for the info on this site.
Kim Olson
January 18,2014
United States

HI Glenn, We are so happy with the baby hyacinth macaw we received from you about 2 years ago. She is probably the sweetest parrot we have ever met. Keep up the great work. Love your website, it has answered many questions that we have about the care of our big sweetie. Have a safe, healthy and joyous holiday. Thank you so much.
Randy Weidner
December 5,2013

I love this website. So much useful information there is more than most books. Its apparent that you really do love the birds. Great photos as well my friend. You really have dedicated your life to these wonderful creatures. Thank you so much!
Jerry Precious
November 21,2013

Great parrots site! All the info you need in one place. Thanks for putting this all together. I'll be back. ;)
Cynthia Wiliams
October 29,2013

Thank you Thank you Thank you!! I have learned so much from your website. I was having so much trouble with my macaw and was able to find all the answers I needed to get everything straightened out. She is a happy camper now and SO AM I. ;)
Chaster Mirabel
October 22,2013

Great Website Glenn. Harley is doing great and he is such a sweet heart. He goes to everyone. Thank you sooo much for raising such great parrots. Talk to you soon. Anna
September 9,2013

Thank you so much for your website. I bought a Scarlett macaw about 5 months ago, the people who had him treated him poorly, bubba was very aggressive and stand off. I have been with him, working with him and he is soo sweet and is now been open to going to other people and no biting. He has been sick lately and I'm worried about him. I took him to the vet a couple days ago and he has an infection in his crop, but since I have been giving him meds he has labored breathing and is not his usual self. I'm calling the vet again tomorrow to see what's going on, any ideas? Thank you again for your website.
Bridget Austin
September 8,2013

Hi Glenn, I hope you are doing well. That baby Hyacinth we received from you is so wonderfully sweet. Thank you for all you do for the birds and for all the work you put into putting all this great info on your website. Bless you my friend. Theresa
August 28,2013

Tis a lovely website you have here. I always wondered how and who actually developed the Rubalina macaw hybred. Those are beautifull birds. You certainly picked a great name to call the new hybred. Rubalina macaw is a beautifull name. Great website. Keep it up. Thank You. :)
John & Jeanne
August 26,2013
Chicago, Illinois

This is a great website. The love you have for your birds is shown in this great website. Thanks for all your hard-work & educating here!
July 27,2013

Hi, I've heard so many good things about you and after reading thru your website now I know why. I'll be contacting you soon for a baby Hyacinth macaw. Thank you so much for all the info.
July 20,2013
Military stationed in Germny

I REALLY LOVE YOUR WEBSITE. So much information and so much love. THANKS A LOT
June 29,2013

Wow! What an amazing story. Your dedication and love for these beautiful creatures, gave Keates a fighting chance! God Bless! Bird Bless! May Keates have a wonderful life ahead!!!
Rich weiss
June 4,2013
Mount laurel, nj

In fact - he's already saying "cor blimey", whistling "God Save The Queen" and has developed a deep sense of irony. Your parrots are definitely the best Glenn - thank you so much!
John Spiers
April 3,2013
United Kingdom

Hello, I love your website. We bought a baby macaw from you a year or so ago when we lived in the US and I wanted to let you know that he is the sweetest bird we have ever encountered. He is talking pretty good and he goes to everyone. Thank you so much!!
John Spiers
April 3,2013
United Kingdom

I am Anna I have heard so many good things about you and thought it was time to check out your website. Great job, so much usefull info in one place. I really enjoyed your site. Thanks so much.
February 17,2013
KC, Mo.

Hi Glenn, we are simply loving our new baby. He is doing really well with us. Thank you so much for putting so much work into making him the sweetheart that he is. Stay happy and healthy. Love, Annie & Family
February 5,2013

I wanted to let you know how much we LOVE the macaw we recieved from you. Hes doing really well and seems to love everybody. Hes such an entertaining bugger and we can tell that he already loves us so much. Thanks for everything you do for the birds. We will be keeping in touch. Thanks you so much. Tory and family
February 4,2013

I love your website and the photos of your magnificent birds!! Thanks so much for raising them. I have several Macaws and love each one dearly. I would hope to one day have a Hyacinth ! I do have a pair of Maui Sunrise Macaws and am so proud of them ! It would be so wonderful to be able to add your Rubalina female to my flock ! Thanks, Carol Gray
Carol Gray
February 1,2013
Wichita Falls, Texas

I can't thank you enough for all that you have done for me. About a year ago I was haveing problems with the parrot I purchased from a vendor at a bird fair. You were so kind to help me thru our little "adjustment" period. Today we are both best buddies and this bird loves me so much. Thank you for being there to help us out. You are a saint. Peace
January 11,2013

One day, hopefully soon, our family will be blessed with a Hyacinth Macaw. After checking around and speaking with many people they all recommend that we get one of your babies. You have a great website and wish you well. I'll say a prayer that your health improves. Peace be with you during this holiday season....and forever. Thank you.
December 13,2012

Such a wonderful and heart warming site. My husband and I have been wanting to add one of these amazing creatures to our family for almost 2 years! Our wait its not because we can not provide the time, monetary needs, or the love, it is because we have seen/read the horrible and tragic things that these beautiful creatures have endured in the worst of cases. It is so easy to see a large and magnificent bird and let your impulse take over. We love all animals dearly and hopefully our wait will soon be over! Kindest of regards to you and all of yours!
Keri Green
October 30,2012
Houston, TX

Very much enjoyed your poem and video. Tonight we're celebrating our six month anniversary of rescuing two baby European Starlings (probably flung from their nest-s by some brainless janitor). At three months, they began talking and their vocabulary increases constantly. We have videos of them talking if you want a copy. Their names are Piddle & Poo. We also have three cockatiels and a sun conure who are very wonderful, but don't talk as yet.
Mary Deskins & Ted Bruner
October 20,2012
Chillicothe, MO

You have such a great website and have put together so much needed information. Thank you for that. We do animal rescue and exotics, We currently rescued a blue/gold and AG. Peace
Dr. Daniel LaVene
August 1,2012
Maitland, FL

Your Hyacinth macaws are the most beautifull I've ever seen. Great site. Thank you
Carrie Adolph
July 17,2012

I've looked at your site. Very amazing birds you have raised. You have definitely been given a gift with these magnificent Creatures-beautiful.
Michelle Diamond
June 21,2012
Houston Texas

I have wanted a hyacinth macaw forever yes i posted the previous comment as well. They are beautiful birds. I have a leg injury that does not allow me to stand for more then 10-15 min my dr and have discussed getting a therapy animal at one point a dog or bird was his suggestion your birds are beautiful. hope your health improves cant wait to see more
Hyacinth Stone
May 17,2012
New York Finger Lakes region

I have been wanting a hyainth macaw forever they are beautiful but they are so hard to find in this area thank you for your pictures and web page
Hyacinth Stone
May 17,2012
New York Finger Lakes region

Thank you for your site. It is full of wonderful info. I have a Catalina macaw that I rescued . She was going to be used as a breeder because she got aggressive as she got older. She chose not to cooperate, laid one non fertile egg and quit. This person just wanted to get rid of her,so I bought her, took her home. Long story short,we are a work in progress, and she is absolutely wonderful. She is so smart and funny and a joy. I hope your health improves and you get better. We need inspirational people like you.
Cindy Larson
April 8,2012
Rockford, Illinois

This is a great website. It is very helpful. I bought a camelot macaw from glenn. He is an amazing creature. He talks soooo much we started keeping track of what he says and its alot. Hi, hello, whatcha doin, gimme a kiss, love you, the list goes on. His feathers are growing in very nice. Another month and he will have them all back. Thanks glenn
Paul Gundberg
February 18,2012
joliet il

Great site, all of your birds are well taken care of and you know your stuff!! Can't wait to talk to you soon about a baby Hycinath Macaw....
Nick Herndon
February 1,2012

Love your website. Enjoyed the video, but wept big alligator tears over Keates. Thank God he found you and Dr. Sakas and his new mom. I have two rescued macaws, a b&g and a harlequin. They are my precious children, (read that spoiled rotten), and two blue headed pionus that I adopted from my friends at Black Hills Parrot Welfare in SD. My home was designed and built for the birds, with a substantial aviary built in; they have loads of freedom and trees to perch in. Someday I would love to have a Hy and/or a Buff, but in reality, being practical, it's all I can handle to have time aplenty for these 4! God bless you for what you are doing for these very special creatures, and I pray for your healing and recovery.
Kim Strong
January 28,2012
Middle-of-Nowhere, Oklahoma

I went to your facebook page and checked out your photos. They are simply beautifull birds you have there. We willl be contacting you about a baby Hyacinth macaw soon. Love your site. Bob Wagner
Bob Wagner
January 25,2012

This is one of the very best parrot info sites on the web. Great job putting all this info together. I absolutely will be contacting you when we are ready to adopt our new baby Hy. It won't be for another year so hopefully you will be settled in your new place and the birds will be breeding. Lovely parrot photos on FB. Thanks for all you do. Angie and family
January 2,2012

Hi!! We spoke on the phone a week or so ago. We had such a nice conversation and I learned so much about my parrots from you. One day I will be contacting you for a baby Hyacinth macaw. I'm still saving but after contacting many Hyacinth breeders I am convined that you are THE person to deal with. Have a great holiday and thank you so much for all the info. Aggie
December 14,2011

Dr. Sakas was our vet too. In fact, I worked for him as a teenager in the bird hospital. He is the reason I am a life long bird lover. I lost my little "Sunny", sun conure this past summer, we were heart broken. We took our time to grieve and wait for all tears to fall. We, my family and I, are just now looking for our new family member as we didn't want he/she to have the job of healing our hearts, but rather just be our new baby. I love the way you love your birds and the care and concern you have given throughout the years. You are what all breeders should be and what all bird ppl can learn to be. Thank you for all your love and be blessed always!!
December 4,2011
Chicago suburbs

What a great site you have. I have seen your name pop up everywhere on the internet. It seems that everybody knows of you and your great birds. Even several vets that I know recommend you. I'm so sorry that you have to reduce your flock due to your health. Please take good care of yourself....we need more breeders like yourself. Breeders that love their birds and make sure they go to responsible families. One day I will get my Hyacinth and I will be sure to wait for one of yours. Grace
December 1,2011

I love this bird. She is the sweetest parrot I've ever known. She is truly a gift from heaven and we can't thank you enough for all the hard work you put into raising them for other bird lovers. We will keep you updated in the future. Again, thank you so much for all you do. Marley & Family
Marley Harlenberg
November 28,2011

Hello Glenn, We bought the baby blue macaw a few months ago. We just can't believe how sweet this big boy is. You sure put a lot of work into socializing your babies because this boy goes to everyone, loves to give hugs and kisses, flys to us and back to his stand on command. He has yet to poop anywhere but on his stand. Even if we are cuddleing him when he has to poop he will look up and fly right back to his stand to relieve himself....then fly back to us. What a great bird. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. We couldn't ask for a nicer parrots. Take good care of yourself. Annie & Family
Annie and Phil
October 24,2011
Jacksonville, Fl

I am a lover of all parrots, especially "big birds". My goal is to one day own a hyacinth. Sadly at this time in my life I cannot afford to buy one nore, properly care for one of these amazing birds. I do however love reading about them and seeing the pictures. I especially enjoyed your baby pics. Thank you so much and I wish you good health. I read a little about your health problems. I would love to have pics sent to my email if you have some that your willing to send. Wishing you good health wishes and love to your birds. Staci in Texas
Staci Price
October 1,2011
Little River,Tx

Hi Glenn, I wanted to contact you and let you know that my baby Hy is doing great. He is such a sweetheart and quite the charactor. I love him so much and wanted to thank you again. If it wasn't for your kind and gentle manner surely my baby wouldn't be the same. I hope you are doing well and everything is coming together for your future move. Thank you so much for all you've done. Marie
September 27,2011

Hi, we bought a baby Hyacinth macaw from you several months ago. We love him so much. He is a big goofy guy that is always ready to entertain us. He is so gentle with the children and loves to play with the tennis ball on the floor. We are thinking of making him a tennis racket, lol. We will keep in touch. We hope that your move is smooth and all goes well for you. Thanks for this great baby. Love, Jody and Frank
The Connor Family
September 4,2011

We are so happy that we found you. Our big hyacinth Max that we got from you is the sweetest guy. We thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into raising your babies. Take good care of yourself and keep up the great work. Thanks, Janet
Janet Ballard
September 4,2011

I purchased my sun conure (Solie) from Glenn a little over 6 years ago. She is the sweetest bird. I just wanted to say thank you!
Elizabeth Constable
September 4,2011
Chicago, IL

Hi, thank you for this website and all the info you have given us.
Kim Ross
August 27,2011

This was a very helpful site. My wife has done research on many sites and books.We found this site to be very well instructive on these magnifecient birds.We hope to get a hyacinth parrot soon as well as a shamrock parrot .This site was very useful and full of information Thank you. Hope to here from you soon
Jacob D. Marrs
August 16,2011
Harrison, Arkansas

Love the page, thanks for providing this great and useful information to consider when it comes to purchasing large birds such as the Macaw. I am an animal lover myself and for me to find out these amazing beautiful birds are on the endangered species list hurts me to my heart. It's good to know theirs someone like u and others who actually loves and is trying to preserve the species so or kids kids will have future opportunities to interact with the species rather then read and learn about them via textbook do to extinction. Again thanks for the info and I look forward to doing business with you in the near future upon my return to the states. I,m in the military and its good to know u appreciate our service thanks
Johntae jackson
August 6,2011
Okinawa japan

Hi Glenn, Our new baby Hyacinth Macaw is the greatest!!. Thank you so much for all that you do for your customers and all parrot owners. Jeremy and family
Jeremy Dunns
August 3,2011

I am enjoying exploring your website. I found the hazards beneficial because you have explain the whys. Thank you for the time to create an informative site for the new bird lover. ~D
Dana Kingston
August 3,2011
2000 walker street, richmond, va 23220

Hi, I found much more information on your website than any other site I've found. Your reputation preceeds you. I have heard form several people about the quaility of your babies and how sweet they are. I will be contacting you soon for info on buying one from you. Keep up the great work. Thank you.
Zanke Nitin
July 23,2011

We have had our new Hyacinth Zeus for three months now and he's just the best bird ever! He's very gentle and loving. He'll sit with anyone that visits. He is a great addition to the family, we already have a 3 yr old Scarlet. Thank you so much, your babies are the best!!
Jody Auffinger
July 18,2011
Gansevoort, NY

Love your site, it is full of information that future bird owners should really read before thinking about purchasing a a bird of any size. I have a Timneh Grey female right now who has such personality, and makes me laugh daily. I am interested in owning a Hyacinth Macaw because of their kind disposition. They are a beautiful parrot as well, but that is just a perk. When I am ready, I will definately come back to your site to gather as much info as possible and purchase one from you. Thank you for caring so much for parrots and rehabilitating them when needed. God Bless.
Debbie Smith
June 28,2011
St. Clair Shores, MI

Started off 13 years ago with a Harlequin, then a Sun Conure and a Scarlet. Took two years waiting till I got my baby, RIO, a hyacinth. He was laid on 7/20 and hatched September 9, will be 7 this year. Since then we have rescued a Grey, a Amazon and a almost naked Blue and Gold. Love them all. GOD bless you for your work with Keates. Also have 2 rescue dogs and two cats. LOve to spend 15 minutes with the guy that worked on my Toby with a pipe.
Mel Krone
June 22,2011
Santa Rosa Valley, CA

Thank you for a wonderful website. I am interested in owning a Hyacinth someday. Hope I can connect with you soon.
Lori Woodel
June 13,2011
Cameron Park, CA

We just love the baby Hyacinth we got from you last year. He is the sweetest boy and he goes to everyone. We are so glad that we found you. We've seen several other Hyacinths lately and none of them compare to your babies. We definately got our moneys worth. Keep up the great work. We will keep in touch. Thank you so much.
Alice G.
June 2,2011

I'm very interested in birds and have been around them before. You raise such beautiful babies!
Bianca Figueroa
May 26,2011
Newark, NJ

Beautiful informative website with a passion!! I hope to visit often:)
Claudia Weinbender
May 25,2011

Amazing works for this type of amazing natural creature. After doing some research I find that you are very reputable and honest. Someday I'll be getting a baby from you. Thanks for all the info.
amresh kumar
May 7,2011

I love your website. Tons of good information. Your name keeps popping up all over the internet and its all good. Take good care of your babies!!
carol wolford
April 20,2011
Nashville, Tn

Wonderful site, great content! We are eagerly awaiting our new addition to the flock! Thanks for everything.
Ralph Zwirnmann
April 13,2011
Ambler, PA

Love your site. Im considering getting a Hyacinth Macaw as a family member. My mother raised Blue and Gold Macaws, African Greys, Soloman Island Eclectus, Sun Conures, and others. So I think I'm pretty set on the bird experience but I still found your web site to be the best out there and when I'm ready to buy a Hyacinth I'm gonna go through you.
Walter E Worthington
March 19,2011
Columbus, Ohio

my dad is planning on getting me a Macaw when i graduate high school, which will be in 1 year, and its been a promise since i was 7 years old...but i found your website super the hazzards, and best of luck to Keates.
Kristina FIneout
February 10,2011
duluth, mn

Hi, your website is awsome. I keep finding your name everywhere on the web and have heard a lot of great things about you and your babies. keep up this good work. thanks, Raj
January 26,2011

I want a Hyacinth macaw someday and am beginning to look around for reputable breeders. you are on the top of my list of breeders. Thanks a bunch, Kevin
January 24,2011

I just got off the phone with you and hope to buy a hyacinth. I love your site. Your prices are great.
Julie Couchman
January 23,2011
Gettysburg, PA

Beautiful site and babies. I am a retired veteran who gives animal outreach programs to many different groups. I am interested in a hyacinth macaw. I have a pair of eclectus-1 was found in the snow and given to me 3 years ago. My site: You have a great site-I hope I can soon have the $ to purchase one of your little big guys! Jerry
Jerry Tuttle
January 18,2011
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Was just looking around for different places that have Hyacinths for sale and found your site. Great site very informative. The Hyacinth is my dream bird and if I was to ever get one you would be the one I would come to. Thank you In God We Trust
Jeannie Morgan
January 8,2011
Monroe Michigan

Happy Holidays to you, your family and your birds. 30 years ago we had a Congo African Grey and a Citron Cocatoo then our children arrived. Now our children are grown up gone we have alot more free time on our hands. We would like to have birds again. Your site has been very informative and helpful on many levels. We will be contacting you to inquire if you have any weaned Hyacinths Macaws available for sale. Thanks, Jerry
Jerry Coholan
December 26,2010
Dartmouth, Ma

It is a beautiful website full of great info specially guidelines that will help me to take good care of my birds.Appreciate your dedication, and thank you.
farah mumtaz
December 9,2010
rhode island,RI

Glenn, Today we happily picked up our second macaw from you in the last two years. We have named out beautiful little Blue and Gold girl Lucy! Just as when we brought our Green Wing Morgan home two years ago, this little one started eating up a storm and is already playing with her toys. Morgan loves her already and she hasn't even been here for an entire day yet. Second macaw and the same loving sweet nature. Can't thank you enough for all the love you put into your babies and how well they immediately adjust. We love our two girls and have you to thank for them! Have a great holiday season.
November 29,2010
Bartlett, IL

Love your website. It's great to see a responsible breeder who tells it like it is. Parrots are wonderful companions; if you know what you're doing. Too many people don't know what they are getting into when they get one, and the poor parrot ends up with behavior issues, going from home to home. We need more people to educate potential "owners" on parrot care. Keep up the good work.
Kathi Brinegar
October 31,2010

Love your site and your dedication. It is a challenge and my life rotates around my birds . I ran into your site from ebay classifieds. I mainly want to say I'll pray for health and that you can continue such a wonder job of raisin your Macaws.
Terri Glancy
October 16,2010
Zeigler Illinois

Beautiful website. Thank you so much for sharing and thank you for the important work you do educating humans about these magnificent creatures!
Stephani Loder
October 15,2010
Reno, Nevada

You have a terrific website, reputation, and love of Gods critters. Good luck with your health.
Dennis Daryl Shamblin
October 11,2010
Weatherford Oklahoma USA

Hi, great site and information. Thanks for the read!
zahid kadri
September 27,2010

I think I found all the info about parrots that I will ever need on your site. You seem to have a good handle on breeding and raising these parrots. Keep up the great work and God bless you. Thank you for your commitment to these beautifull creatures.
Jaulim Najiya Samiya
September 25,2010
4,Inkerman st,Port-louis Mauritius

I found your website last night and enjoyed it so much. I have always loved parrots but I have aways worked. I am retried now and my son bought me a quaker baby. She is so sweet. I have a lot to learn. I have heard from a lot people that you love your birds and you are a great breeder and very honest. Thank you so much.
Gladys l. Jenkins
September 10,2010
Canton, Mississippi 39046

HELLO, I have heard a lot of great things about you and your birds and wanted to check out your website. I ended up reading thru the whole site. Great job! There is more info on your site than any other site I've been to. I'll be contacting you soon for a baby Hyacinth. Thank you
September 7,2010

Glenn, just wanted to update you on the Green Wing we bought from you in January 09. Her name is Morgan and she has turned out to be just a fabulous pet. She is yakking up a storm with her "hello, Morgan", "good girl" and laughs. She is the sweetest thing, and would love it if she could be on our shoulders 100% of the time. She has also brought out the best in our once abused Blue and Gold, Teddy. Teddy loves contact and talks up a storm now, thanks to Morgan. Hope your health is holding up. Your work with these birds is something to be admired. Thank you.
Nancy Brandt
September 7,2010
Bartlett, IL

I held one in Cozumel and fell in love with it. I have a cockatel and he is 9 years old and very spoiled. I might be interested in a macaw.
Mary Pettus
August 6,2010

Glad I found this site.I have enjoyed it all.
August 6,2010
South Ga

I came upon your website today and read completely through it! I just sat here and could not get off it...aot of great information. I currently own 2 conures and 1 quaker. But have been interesting in macaws for some time. I am looking forward to speaking to you soon. Keep up the good work!
Oreana Omitsu Hasbun
August 4,2010

Great website, very informative....
Bill Harris
August 4,2010

Wonderfull website with lots of info. I hear alot of good things about you. Keep up the great work. There is a place in heaven for you.
August 1,2010
LA, Cali

Lots of info, great site! Another Hyacinth breeder recommended that I check out your site and contact you for a baby Hy. Talk to you soon. Thanks
August 1,2010

I have a 10year old macaw that I can no longer care for. Any ideas what I can do with her? Please email me.
Jason S.
July 29,2010

I really love the video. It shows how important it is to love your bird and to understand that you will have a lifetime's friendship with it.
Liselotte Nielsen
July 10,2010

wow! how nice website ! I really wanna do good deal with you . thanks
lee young soo
July 6,2010
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Great Website!
Linda W
June 25,2010
Franklin Park, Il

WOW!!! Your name keeps coming up wherever I go, lol. You have a really great reputation and I know you really love your birds. I love your site. I'll be back for more info. There is just so much to learn. Thank you so much for putting this all together. Good luck with you health.
June 23,2010
Atlanta, GA

Great website!! Lot of good stuff to learn. I love all the photos. Your birds are beautifull too. I will be contacting you soon, when I get alittler closer to purchasing one. Bless you
June 23,2010
Atlanta, GA

very good info
anthony wilkinson
June 18,2010

Lots of information, great site!! thank you very much michael
May 14,2010
logansport indiana

I also have feathered friends, 2 B&G macaws, 1scarlett, 1 greenwing and 3 african grays. I only purchased the first one, seems like people call when they don't want or can't hadle anymore, and we definatley spoil them. They are all special creatures.
Lynn McClure
May 12,2010
Oxford, PA

Great site. Thanks for all your hard work.
Bob White
May 8,2010
Decatur, IL

stacia baiocchi
May 6,2010
roscoe Ill.

Hi Glenn, I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new baby macaw. We couldn't ask for a better bird. He is the sweetest bird and really loves people. He adjusted to his new home without a problem. We are already thinking about getting another parrot from you, sometime in the near future. We appreciate the love and compassion you have for your babies and your honesty and no nonsense approach to dealing with us. We will glady refer you to our friends. Thank you so much.
andy tan
April 22,2010

We rescue donkeys of all sizes, Cats , Dogs , and now birds my wife has been into animals all her life .I helped an orginization called fellow mortals (They rehabilitate injured wildlife ) We have fallen in love with our birds and the more information we can gather the better. Would love to get in contact with your orginization. Wecurrently have 11 birds a blue & gold macaw sun conure etc. Love animals and give them the best home we can. thank you Mark &Donna W
Mark & Donna Woellert
April 21,2010
Genoa City, WI

I LOVE your site. All the good info is in one place. Thank you for your hard work. Apparently you have a wonderfull reputation. I've heard about you from several people that I've spoken to since I've started my search for another baby. I'll be calling you tonight. Have a great day.
April 21,2010

I am so happy to have found your website. Thank you for being so helpful and creative, as I learn to understand Macaws.
Zephyr, B&G Macaw
April 16,2010
Pompano Beach, Florida

I can tell you have put most of your life into learning about birds! really nice website i enjoyed all the infor and the great video. Best of Luck Jim
James Beaman
March 31,2010

Your site it full of great information! You can tell you have put a lot of work and consideration into what you have done. I wish you all the best!
Lurita Norman
February 28,2010

I just LOVE the Scarlet baby and the Greenwing baby Macaw I got from you. They are the love of my live, so sweet and gentle. They are quite the charactors too. I think you have one of the best parrot sites on the web. I just wanted to thank you again for the great birds and all the help you provided. Thanks for being so honest too. My next bird willl be a baby Hyacinth [from you of course]. Take good care of yourself. Jo
JoAnn S.
February 25,2010
Round Lake Il

Great site Glenn! These birds are very lucky to have someone like you working for them, instead of someone who exploits them for profit only. Well done :^)
February 19,2010
fallston md

Awesome site, and awesome birds. Theres more info here than any other site I've been to. Keep up the great work. Thank You!!
February 13,2010
Kent, England

Thank you for that wonderful suprise! I am still crying. i am sorry you are having to cut back so much with your babies. New doors open and bring new opportunities. I love ya Glen :-)
Tinka Thompson
February 10,2010
Brookfield, WI

Wow what a great site and after reading and talking to you, all I can say is wow what great people. Thank you for all the great info.
Samantha Guariglia
February 5,2010
Inverness, FL

Hi Glenn, Just wanted to give you an update on our wonderful Hyacinth we got from you back in October....Zara is doing GREAT! She is such a sweet and adorable little girl. She has become quite the Daddy's girl and is just a tad bit spoiled :). My wife has come to call her "Princess Zara", as she tends to get whatever she wants! Hopefully this message finds you doing well. Thanks again for our beautiful girl!
Dave W.
January 31,2010
Lake Geneva, WI

It is a shame your health causes such a hard decision!!!
Ted Roediger
January 25,2010

I love Hyacinth Macaws, they are beautiful birds, and their personalities match their beautiful bodies!
Patricia Farner
January 11,2010
Clearfield, UT

I have been on your site 4 times in the last 24 hours reading and reading,lookin n lookin. We will be in contact with you in the "near" future about purchasing a baby Hy Macaw. Great site lots of great information all in one place. I have been all over the Internet over the years educating myself I could have learned everything here..>Sigh<
January 6,2010

Hi Glenn! Wanted to give you an update on our grey that we got from you in March 09. Sam is just wonderful! He whistles and mimicks our squeaky garage door. He isn't talking yet, but I believe he is beginning to make the he is trying to figure it out. Thank you so much for your guidance and all the info and time you took with us. I just wanted you to know that Sam is doing great. I wish I could post a picture of him!
Andrea Backus
November 16,2009
Oswego, IL

It's nice to see there are still bird-lovers out there. Keep up your good work! I actually came across your page because of the Hyacynths. I've been quite interested on one of them for a while know...listening to your advice...I realized I'm not ready yet...but I will, I hope! Thank you and good luck with your move.
Virginia Agron
September 21,2009
Hartford, CT

Hi, We bought a green wing from you in January of this year.....her name is Morgan. She is an absolute fabulous pet. Not talking too much yet, hi and hello, but she loves contact and can't get enough of it. Just wanted to thank you. I would recommend you to anyone. Nancy Brandt
Nancy Brandt
September 20,2009
Bartlett, IL

Your site is full of great information. You have the most beautifull parrots. I keep hearing alot of good things about you and your parrots. Thank you for taking the time to put all this usefull info in one place.
robert ellis
September 17,2009
akron, ohio 44305

Thanks for providing such a useful resourse! I am looking into getting a Macaw and need all the info I can get before I decided. Please know .... you have been book marked! :)
kristen braun
September 7,2009
Kalamazoo, Michigan

wow!! This is the best parrot site I've been to yet. I'll be contacting you soon. Thank you
August 18,2009

I truly enjoyed reading your website of imformation .I've been in birds since I was six years old as it was a hobby my father and I enjoyed very much .My father passed away in 1997 so I cared on with being a bird lover and have given home to birds peole were unable to keep for what ever reason .I'm glad that their is a person like you that believes in the same values I do far as if a person can't care for a bird in the beginning and they know this they shouldn't do it becuause they require lots of care and food .I have a Yellow Nape Amazon, Quaker , Cockatiels and other types of birds . A year ago I lost a Cockatoo make he was a gourgous bird and very much a part of my family he has been greatly missed .But I know someday i will give another one a loving home .Keep up the Good work that you are doing .
Rebecca B.
July 31,2009

It upsets me to see truly remarkable people who give their souls to taking care of animals, have to part company with "their" feathered kids. I wish you the best...what goes around comes around.
Mary Goetz
July 26,2009
Princeton, WI

Wonderfull website. Full of knowledge. It's apparent that you love and care about your birds. Nature thanks you. ;)
tony lee
July 25,2009
paris, france

I enjoyed reading your site. I just recently lost my Amazon Red Lored. I personally owned him for 29 years and really miss him. I have been considering getting another bird in the future and will have to make arrangements in will for the next one. Great information. Thank you
Vicky Gathright
July 22,2009
Bloomington, IL

So, our daughter Carlie thinks we have a celebrity among our customers! This is a great web-site. You should be very proud of all the households you make so happy with your beautiful birds. Thanks for sharing!
Dorene Smith, Smith Automotive
July 21,2009
Fox Lake, IL

Thank you so much for sharing the story about Keates, sad and heartbreaking that someone could do this, but so happy you have helped him and he has a new mommy!
Lisa Francis
July 20,2009
Fresno, CA

Thank you for taking such special, special care of these beautiful birds. I hope you are feeling better soon sir. God Bless you for all the time you devote to these gifts from the heavens.
Susie Komar
July 19,2009
Camarillo, CA

Hi Glenn, This site is getting better every time I look at it. Thanks for the help in finding a great cage. Charlie loves her freedom to play!! You and family are always in my prayers. Take care and looking forward to seeing you again. Sincerely, Tinka
Tinka Thompson
April 22,2009
Brookfield, WI

Hey Glenn, Just wanted to take this time to thank you for the beautiful Blue and Gold baby that I bought from you. She is absolutely wonderful and has fit into our family perfectly ( even with the rottweiler and python). She actually plays with the rottweiler. She is absolutely wonderful and I can never put in words how much she is loved or how very grateful I am to meeting you and being able to bring one of your beautiful babies into our family. I hope everything works out for you in your move and you will be in our prayers that everything will be ok with your health. God Bless. Paula Adkins
Paula Adkins
March 12,2009
Clarksville, In

I wanna see the pictures! You popped up in a thread about a guy looking for a baby Hy on The Birdboard. Thought I would check out your site. Are those Pied Blue and Goals in the pics yours? I have heard/read some very nice things about your organization. Take Care.
Kelly Wessling
February 1,2009
Virginia Beach, VA

john Vedder JR
January 27,2009
metter Ga

Your site is fantastic, I think every person considering getting a Bird should read every page of your web site. You have to be a very special person and I think you deserve a big THANK YOU ******************** reply by Premium Parrots;Wow Jim!! That is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said. I really appreciate it very much. Thank you
Jim Moe
January 23,2009
Grand Junction, CO

Hi! Great site, lots of information, beautifull birds. We all go to the same wonderful vet. Greetings. Ely
Ellen B Kahn
January 21,2009

Great web site, Great looking birds, Thanks Danny Bowlin
Danny Bowlin
December 26,2008
Monterey, California

Glenn, Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me today. You have a wealth of information to share. You have certainly given me a different, more positive perspective on macaws. I am now actually anxious to meet a tame one as all of my experiences with macaws have not been positive. I have always been intrigued with the military and severe macaws. I look forward to doing business with you!
Andrea Backus
November 11,2008
Oswego, IL

Yo Glenn, What's shaking? Your site has more current, accurate information than any site I have ever been to. Great job my friend. You are the best!!
Bruce Zarek
October 23,2008
Lake Villa. IL

Thank you very much for the usefull information in your website . Your birds are siimply beautiful!!
Dr/waseem A. Alkhateeb
October 2,2008
Jordan/Middle East

Great web site. I am doing some research about getting a bird. LOTS to learn. :)
Toni B
September 3,2008
Odessa, Tx

Saw your site off of Ebay. Your feathers are beautifull! Im looking for feathers for my daughter, I plan on making a fan for her 8th grade graduation. We are Navajo and truly honor birds in peferring not killing for feathers...
Angela Gettler
August 29,2008
Window Rock, AZ

Great website, great birds, thanks so much for my baby.
ed beu
June 8,2008

I Love your website! Thankyou! You are wealth of information and inspiration, "I Promise" is a must read!
Lisa Trayah
May 12,2008
Starksboro, Vermont

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with me this morning. You are so wonderful.
Jeanelle Carter
May 8,2008
Plainfield, IL

Hello hello, great looking birds! See you elsewhere ...
May 4,2008
Copenhagen, Denmark

I am looking to get a macaw. I will be checking back to view your site regularly. I was not able to view your photos today.
Darlene Teegarden
April 11,2008
Hoopeston, IL

I got your web site from a breeder here in WV. I found the infor I needed plus so much more. I will be getting a hand fed baby quaker in a couple of week . Thanks Dinah
Dinah Lacy
February 29,2008
Sophia, WV.

Enjoyed the info and pictures on your site. I will definately check back periodically to see your photo album. Cute Rubalina baby on this page!!
Rachel Gregory
December 30,2007
DeKalb, IL

The site is very nice. has alot of info and the most part I liked how you have a page about the care they need. Most pet shops will just sell you the bird and not tell you how much love a bird needs. Most will just put it in the cage and thats were it sits all day. If I was a bird I would hate to sit in a cage all day (jail). I like to train my birds alot of diffrent things I treat them as a human they have to have baths, snacks for a trick, ect. I love your site and can tell that you love your birds. Thanks
November 8,2007

I spent hours on your website reading every thing that you had. Yours is a very informative site and I have it in my favorites. I am thinking of purchasing a Sun Conure in the future and want to know everything I can about them and birds in general. I have 2 parakeets at present and have fallen head over heels in love with birds. Great Site Nicole
Nicole Kelce
November 5,2007
Rockford, Il

Chris & Estelle just stoping by to say hi , CJ was a gift from god he is one of the family Thanks vary much ...... The Steenbergen's
Chris & Estelle Stebergen
September 25,2007
Streator , IL

The site is looking pretty good. I just cant understand why they would let someone keep birds in an old folks home. LOL Talk to ya later bud ************[reply by Premium Parrots; OH sooo funny. LOL, Thanks for checking it out. PP
September 21,2007

This is a GREAT site! Lots of info.
Carel W. Fisher
September 20,2007
Loxahatchee, FL

PP you are the absolute best!!!! And I love this new website too :-)
Lisa Gordon
August 9,2007
Oneonta, NY

Great site the pics of your what I wouldn't give to play with all of them!!!!
Kate Simon
August 7,2007
Maple Grove,MN

Aye. 'tis a luvlay site ya got 'ere. But 'ay! why di'ya put a pic of ol' Willie on 'ere???
Groundskeeper Willie
August 7,2007

Love your website PP! Gorgeous birdy pics! And lots of info..
Angela Wilson
August 7,2007

I can't say enough super things about my friend PP...he helped me bring Keates into a world he enjoys and is so healthy now. Thanks to you and to Dr. Sakas as well. You are a terrific team, I hope people realize the love you have for animals and how wonderful you really are!! XOX Kath
Kathy Moccaldi
August 6,2007
Clinton NY

Great website!!! See you soon. lol
August 4,2007
Behind the Pearly Gates

This is it!!!  Click on the video for a wonderfull surprize that will simply amaze your senses.  This is a MUST SEE!!

Its beauty actually brought tears to these old eyes.   If you love birds you will love this.

Please remember to come back to this page and read the comments in my guestbook and check out the rest of my website.......and Don't Forget To Sign My Guestbook. 

BE SURE TO WATCH IT IN FULL SCREEN MODE.  Click on the menu at the bottom right of the video and select "fullscreen" 









Dr. Sakas final report on Keates,  the old, abused and finally rescued and repaired macaw.... 

I read the entire Keates saga off the link at your website as you said. It is very heartwarming to see how many people really cared for Keates and his plight. It is people like you, Glenn and the compassionate people that were inquiring about Keates' progress that reaffirms my decision to become a veterinarian and provides me with the positive reinforcement that makes me still love my profession after nearly 25 years.
 Feel free to post this response below for everyone to read on Keates' medical condition.
I felt it would be meaningful to address the Keates situation from my perspective. Glenn has done a great job relaying the medical procedures that Keates was going through so you all were pretty much up to speed all along.
First of all I would like to applaud Glenn for his efforts in this entire endeavor. Without Glenn none of this would have happened. My friendship for Glenn is deep, a sort of mutual admiration society if you will, so when he related this sad tale to me I was willing to give it a chance. Glenn did all the leg work. Picking up Keates from the airport, lugging him back and forth to our animal hospital, housing him at his home in between visits, medicating him, and finally shipping him back home. Glenn and people like him who care deeply for our animal companions and give of themselves to provide the best for their care our undoubtedly angels on earth who deserve all the accolades we can offer them.
When Glenn first brought Keates to me the poor bird was an awful sight. Twisted wings, hanging wings, discolored feathers, very quiet, calm, not a whole lot of exuberance, unlike the typical macaw, but he had a spark in his eyes. He walked out of his carrier right onto my arm and looked right into my eyes. Glenn said he knows you are going to help him.....that was the feeling I had as well and it was a bit spiritual in that sense. That is a moment I will not forget.
(As an aside......I do indeed feel that animals have souls. When I look into their eyes there is something indescribable there. One time we had a Catholic priest come over to bless our house. My wife is Catholic and I am Greek Orthodox. I asked him, "Father, I have a question that has been nagging me for years and I would like to know the opinion of the Church.Do animals have souls?" He thought deeply and said, "No they do not, only Man has a soul. Animals have anima or the spark of life." I replied, "Not because I am Greek Orthodox and being disrespectful, but I feel that is wrong...they do have souls. When I look in their eyes I see much more than the 'spark of life." He smiled warmly and said, "We'll just have to wait and see what is right when we get to Heaven!")
Both of Keates wings were twisted at the carpi (wrist joints) a term called angel wings that we see often in ducks and geese. The right wing was held abnormally and the humerus felt abnormally thickened and irregular. The left wing drooped and there was a non-union fracture mid-humerus. The tips of the bone fragments were nearly poking through the skin and you could see that any movement of the wing caused discomfort as the bone fragments were irritating other tissues. In fact the elbow was very swollen and upon close inspection I could see that the end of the humerus was open and skin was growing into the lining of the humerus. (The humerus is a hollow bone connects to the air sac system. However, it should not be open like that.) It showed that this was a very old injury.
We conducted a series of tests on Keates, including x-rays, blood work and fecal analyses. He had an increased white blood cell count, indicating an infection, probably due to the open wound at the old, non-healing fracture site. X-rays indicated fractures of both wings. The left wing was a old, non-union fracture with no callus forming and there was an old fracture of the right wing that had healed, but poorly, so that the wing was abnormally positioned.
Due to the high white blood cell count (indicating infection) we felt surgery was not a good option at this time. So we taped the wings into normal position, trimmed some flight feathers that were out of position and irritating Keates and began antibiotic therapy. Keates did not like having his right wing taped and bit the heck out of the bandage with almost a fervor. We had to place a collar on him. But it was tough keeping that wing restricted. Following antibiotic therapy we decided to undertake surgical intervention and see if we could pin the non-union fracture.
It was a nightmare from the start.....the normal anatomy of the wing was non-existent, due to the long term nature of the injury. Major blood vessels were out of position, there was extensive scarring and fibrosis of the muscle tissue. The ends of the fractures were covered over with scar tissue and callus. We tried to clean everything up as well as possible but there was no way that the ends of the bones could be brought close together without causing significant and possible fatal complications. We decided that perhaps the intervention would provide some healing, further scarring and fibrosis which could provide some stability to the fracture site so we applied a splint and kept our fingers crossed. We also worked on the elbow and cleaned and flushed the open end of the bone and resealed the skin over the end. Keates was held in the hospital for a few days on antibiotics and Glenn continued treatment at home.
We had a few follow-up exams to see how the healing was progressing but both Glenn and I knew that it was not happening. We finally decided that the prudent course of action was to amputate the wing at the fracture site as the bone fragment arising from the elbow was non-viable.
The amputation was performed and Keates went through the surgery just fine. After removal of the wing I dissected the amputated portion to evaluate the bone fragment. It was necrotic (non-viable) and almost rubbery. It never would have healed and was obviously a source of extreme discomfort as well as potential infections for Keates.
Keates seemed pretty good immediately after surgery and each subsequent day began to thrive. He really felt a lot better. Glenn immediately noticed that when he came to pick Keates up. He wondered as I did, if we should have performed the amputation right away...but we had to give him a chance. But the way he looked post amputation showed that the non-union fracture was a source of extreme discomfort for him.
As it stands now I have heard from Keates' bird Mom that he is getting feisty...which is great as it is a macaw personality trait and he is getting back to normal......not the zombie he was when we first saw him.It is a heartwarming story which could not have been accomplished without a whole series of dedicated individuals. I know there have been kudos directed towards me but others involved included my caring staff, especially Deb Koss our long term head avian technician and Eileen Fricke, another of our long time avain technicians. They assisted with the surgeries and aftercare.
There you go...a rather lengthy synopsis. I hope it will warm the cockles of you hearts to think about the Keates story, in contrast to all the horrible negative news stories we are accosted with on a day to day basis. Keates definitely had some angels on his side, on this earth and elsewhere, as I know deep in my heart that there are higher powers at work and I do not work alone.
Peter S. Sakas DVM, MS
Dear Readers,
 Keates is doing fine now especially for a 64 year old rescued and abused Blue and Gold Macaw that had so many health issues.  He is back to normal and being well taken care for by Kathy in upstate New York.  ;)  Keates whole story was posted on a parrot forum but now that website is no longer available.  Sorry.


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